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    Where are you located?

    We are located on the corner of Hermosa St. and Sweet Brier Ave. in Lindsay, CA.  Our address is 365 N. Sweet Brier Ave. Lindsay, CA 93247.  We are the big blue facility with the 9/11 Mural on the rear of the building.  The entrance is at the front of the white building and faces east.

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    Where can I park?

    There is parking on Sweet Brier Ave. in front of our building.  There is a little parking lot across the street from the facility and there are some parking spaces on Frazier St. adjacent to McDermont.  There are plenty of spaces south of Hermosa St. toward Sweet Brier Plaza.  For concerts and special events, we open up parking spaces on Mt. Vernon St.

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    What does Green Circle, Red Circle and Blue Circle mean and why are the buildings named how they are?

    When McDermont Field House was the fruit packinghouse, there were different labels for the citrus fruit.  Depending on the quality of the pieces of fruit, they were placed in Green Cirlce, Red Circle or Blue Circle labels.  In order to maintain the look and feel of the packinghouse, we have named the three buildings of McDermont after the fruit labels.  The Green Circle Building is oldest building; the structure has been there for about 100 years and currently houses the arcade and the Lazement (Laser Tag Basement).  The Red Circle Courts are the current basketball/volleyball courts.  The Blue Circle Building is the new enormous building that houses our Flowrider, Field House Fitness, Soccer Fields, Eagle Mountain Rock Climbing Wall, and the Lightspace Dance Floor.

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    Can I use my McDermont Bonus Bucks at the concessions stand?

    No...The $40/$20 you receive on your membership card each month are bonus bucks that may be used for our Interactive Arcade, and Laser Tag. Only cash/credit card will work at the concession stand.  You may load cash onto your membership card and that will work to purchase food.  The bonus bucks may only be used to purchase admission, Discover McDermont Day Pass or an All Access Day Pass if the money is on your membership card. Once you transfer money onto a Bonus Bucks card it may only be used for our Interactive Arcade and Laser Tag.

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    Do I have to show my membership card or wristband every time I enter?

    Yes...McDermont Field House is the premier sports and entertainment destination in Central California, so there is a price to pay to enter.   We swipe your membership card each time you enter to make sure your membership is active, similar to most other fitness centers.

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    How do I play the arcade games?

    First, you need to obtain a McDermont arcade card either from the Self-Service Kiosk or from one of our friendly cashiers.  You determine how much money you would like to purchase on the card (there is no charge for the card itself).  Once your card is loaded with money, swipe your card at any of the arcade swipers and enjoy!

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    How old do I have to be to participate in the attractions?

    There is no age requirements to participate in any of our attractions, however the Flowrider and the Eagle Mountain Rock Climbing Wall have a minimum height requirement of 42 inches in order to participate. You must also weigh over 40 lbs to climb on the Rock Wall.

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    Do I need to sign anything before coming inside?

     Yes, everyone entering our facility is required to fill out one of our liability waivers (ENGLISH or SPANISH) before entrance is allowed. We have tried to simplify the process as best we can and hope the minute to fill it out is worth the hours you'll spend in our facility.

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