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Take your workout to the X-TREME!

Take cardio training, flexibility, and strength and mash them all together to make you into a stellar athlete and form your ideal body in the X-Fit Arena at McDermont! To accomplish this, you'll use high repetitions, your own body weight or manageable weight, with limited time. Whether you’re running stairs, flipping tires, doing pull-ups, or rows it will push your mind and body to accomplish more in 30 minutes than you ever have.

The movements are simple but do require proper technique, so if you are new to this cutting edge fitness we require that you connect up with one of our trainers for at least 3 classes. If this is old hat for you please be wise, if we have questions we may ask you to demonstrate proper technique to prevent potential injuries.

Access to our Xtreme Fitness Arena is included in our Fitness Membership as well as our Premium Membership. With safety being our number one priority, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the equipment and proper technique when working out in the arena.