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Rock Wall

The Rock Climbing Wall at McDermont X is over 50 feet tall! Instead of colorful foot and handholds, it looks much like a real mountainside: the grey, cragged peak is unmarked, and climbers must figure out their own ways to the top.
We have 6 routes with auto-belay lines, which means when a climber's harness is attached to the line, they'll feel a little tug pulling them up and they'll float down when descending the wall. Each line has a bell at the top, with a prize awaiting when you ring one bell, and you'll be given an even bigger and better surprise if you ring all six in one visit!

Premium and Deluxe McDermont Members get unlimited access to the Rock Wall with their memberships. Unlimited access to the Rock Wall is also included in our Discover Day Pass.

Things to remember:

• Safety is our number one priority

• Obey attendants instructions at all times

• No loose objects

• Closed-toed shoes must be worn

• Weight minimum: 40lbs

• Weight Limit: 275lbs

• All climbers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet


Interested in reserving or renting the Rock Wall for your group? You can reserve the Rock Wall exclusively for one hour at a price of $200, includes admission for up to 15 people. Contact us for more information.