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GUM sessions

Participants are taught by our physical trainer Anthony Gonzalez and HPA Fitness operator about fitness and how it is incorporated in our everyday lives. They learn about muscle development, cardiovascular activity, flexibility and how it benefits the body. They also learn basic moves and exercises that can be done at home without the need of going to a gym.

Participants learn from Coach and Pastor Job Lara about the different hurdles that they might encounter when choosing to lead an active lifestyle. They also learn how to make fitness fun, how to keep a positive mindset in all that they do and initiating habits that will lead to life, long health, and enjoyment.

Participants learn from lessons created by certified dietitian nutritionist Kerri Bell about the basic food groups and their importance when it comes to fueling their body. They also learn interesting food facts that make them think twice the next time they go out to eat and small adjustments we can all make to eat healthy. They are also given the opportunity to taste healthy alternatives.

Participants engage in activities led by McDermont X managers that tests their abilities to work as a team. Many times the best solutions are whispered by someone in the crowd who is too afraid to speak up. Here we strive to diminish that fear and help everyone realize that in order to accomplish something great we must do it together. This is also the session where they get the chance to earn their Bonus Bucks cards!